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  • Helping you identify potential opportunities and threats posed by disruptive technology
  • AI strategy
  • Data strategy
  • Monetising innovation
  • Overview of regulatory landscape
  • Training on digital assets, smart contracts and artificial intelligence
  • Growth strategy including funding options


  • Non-executive directorships
  • Training
  • Risk-management
  • Data ethics

Jersey Regulatory Advice

  • Smart contracts
  • Blockchain and blockchain protocols
  • Digital assets and de-Fi
  • Tokenisation and token issuances – cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, security tokens and stable coins
  • Virtual Assets Service Providers applications (VASPs)
  • Virtual Currency Exchanges
  • Crypto-custody
  • Staking
  • Virtual Currency Exchanges
  • Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • Data Ethics
  • Data Trusts
  • Data Stewardship

Emma German

Emma German has a background as an experienced corporate lawyer working within the legal and regulatory framework supporting blockchain, tokenisation, digital and cryptoassets, AI and payments. Emma founded Monoceros Innovation to create value for stakeholders in all sectors through innovation.

Since then, Emma’s expertise in emerging technology led her to data trusts and becoming a data ethicist. Emma was instrumental in the development of Jersey’s data trust offering, working with Digital Jersey to leverage Jersey’s expertise in trust law and governance and apply it in the field of data.  The first trust of which is the LifeCycle Data Trust, a world-first.

Emma is also a Jersey Law Commissioner. Her work at the Jersey Law Commission focuses on the modernisation of Jersey laws to make them fit for the digital age to support the financial services industry and innovation more broadly. Emma drives thought-leading at Monoceros Innovation and is available for non-executive directorships.

About Us

The Monoceros comprises:

  • Monoceros Innovation; and
  • Monoceros Law

Monoceros Innovation Advisory Limited is a Consultancy based in Jersey, founded by Emma German. We provide business management and regulatory consulting services.

Many businesses are under pressure to modernise and perform more efficiently and the breadth of new technologies can appear inaccessible.

Monoceros Innovation can help by:

providing governance, regulatory, data ethics, training and advice as to available technologies and regulatory landscape;

  • forming strategies to adopt new technologies and products;
  • creating efficient, transparent and data-driven processes to support corporate decision-making, risk management and growth strategy;

Monoceros Law is a trading name of Advocate Emma German.

Monoceros Law provides legal advice as to corporate, commercial, banking and finance and emerging technologies.

Founding Principal Emma German of Monoceros Law is regulated by the Law Society of Jersey for professional conduct matters and is supervised by the Jersey Financial Services Commission for the purposes of the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing in respect of the services it provides that fall within Schedule 2 of the Proceeds of Crime (Jersey) Law 1999.

Monoceros Law can help by:

  • providing Jersey law advice as to the full suite of non-contentious corporate and commercial transactions affecting Jersey companies, partnerships and trusts including data trusts;
  • assist with the establishment, launch, scale-up, finance and sale of Jersey companies and structures;
  • draft corporate and commercial agreements including terms and conditions and service agreements relating to emerging technologies and novel products;
  • assist with TISE listings.

Our advice can be tailored to all types of undertakings from regulated entities and governments to developers, entrepreneurs and scale-ups.

Coming Soon / New for 2024

Jersey AI Forum

Podcasts & Papers


Emma German to be on the panel of judges for the Jersey Tech Awards 2024

November 2023, We are delighted to announce that Emma German will be on the panel of judges for the Jersey Tech Awards 2024.

Monoceros Innovation respond on Government of Jersey Digital Strategy

November 2023, Monoceros Innovation respond on Government of Jersey Digital Strategy.

30th Annual STEP conference in Jersey

October 2023, Emma German speaks at the 30th Annual STEP conference in Jersey.

Monoceros hosts a Jersey Regulatory Session

May 2023, Monoceros hosts a Jersey regulatory session at Digital Jersey's Start-up bootcamp 2023.

Jersey Data Trusts: a closer look

April 2023, Data trusts facilitate the extraction of greater value from data through sharing. A data trust allows people or organisations who collect or hold data to appoint an independent data steward to make decisions about how that data is used and shared with third party data users for an agreed purpose. Until now so-called ‘data trusts’ have been created by contract or using companies but not with a trust as the central governance structure. The LifeCycle pilot project is the first time that a legally valid and duly established trust structure has been used to establish a data trust. For the full article, click here

Emma German's monthly column on how AI, may impact leadership and followership in the future.

March 2023, read Emma German's monthly column on how technology, specifically AI, may impact leadership and followership in the future in "How to train a robot" first published in Business Brief. Read here

Emma German’s column on useful digital practices to manage your digital alter-ego.

February 2023, read Emma German’s column on useful digital practices to manage your digital alter-ego in “New Year’s Data Detox”, first published in Business Brief. Read here

Emma German appears launching the World’s First Data Trust “LifeCycle”.

February 2023, Emma German appears in Digital Jersey video launching the World’s First Data Trust “LifeCycle”, established using a trust established under Jersey trust law. View the video here.

Emma German's monthly column on smart products for the smart home.

December 2022, read Emma German's monthly column on smart products for the smart home in "Smart ideas for Christmas" first published in Business Brief. Read here

Emma German’s column exploring cryptocurrencies, digital assets and central bank digital currencies.

November 2022, read Emma German’s column exploring cryptocurrencies, digital assets and central bank digital currencies in “Crypto De-coded”, first published in Business Brief. Read here

Emma German co-authors Jersey AI Chapter

Emma German co-authors Jersey chapter for Global Legal Insights "AI, Machine Learning & Big Data 2022, Fourth Edition" Read the Jersey chapter here.

Emma German speaks on panel at Data Stewardship Services launch

On 3 May 2022, Emma German participated in a panel discussion at the Digital Jersey, Data Stewardship Services Launch event discussing the introduction of data trusts and data foundations in Jersey.

Emma German speaks at DisruptHR

On 31 March 2022, Emma German was a speaker at DisruptHR St. Helier 2.0 discussing data on sustainable work practices.
Mobilising Your Workforce: Sustainable Working Practices Start From Home | Emma German | DisruptHR Talks

Emma German participates in the Digital Jersey Data Stewardship Working Group.

In Autumn 2021, Emma German participated in a series of workshops exploring Data Stewardship Services in Jersey. Read the initial Data Stewardship Report here.

The Greening Society

We are excited to announce our innovative Net Zero tool for Jersey: The Greening Society launching in 2022. Join us on our mission to cut carbon emissions and register your interest on The Greening Society website.


Data Trusts

Monoceros Innovation participate in the world-first pilot of a Jersey Data Trust providing governance and related strategy advice on the launch and operation of Jersey’s first data trust.

Director Emma German said of the project; “Monoceros are delighted to be involved with the LifeCycle data trust pilot. Jersey is a jurisdiction steeped in trust jurisprudence with Jersey trust structure being pivotal to the development of our financial services industry, with our trusts being used to hold for the world’s most expensive and complex assets. Through the Jersey data trust, Jersey can show the world how data governance and ethical standards can be assured encouraging responsible data sharing creating value from data in a variety of use cases from climate action, supply chain management to healthcare data.”

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